From Back Bay to Hidden Oaks

From 1995 to 2000 I had had various offers to sell my property, and I along with the other Hengen heirs had discussed the possibility of selling 168 acres of undivided property in Biloxi. We had meetings in our homes and talked about selling it. We also talked about selling the 120 acres of land near Crete, Nebraska. In 1997 we did sell the acreage in Nebraska. This was quite a deal since Susan, Johnny and I managed to push the sale, and accomplished doing so.

Next, at one of our meetings, I was introduced to Grey Slay, a real estate agent and a relative of Susan's, and he offered to sell the heir's property for a reasonable commission. However, no one was interested in selling that way. Then at one of the meetings he told us he could sell water front property for as much as one hundred thousand an acre, at which time no one believed it possible. At that time I mentioned to him "You get me one million for my property and we have a deal." So on November 30, 1999 he presented me with the papers that I signed for the sale. I had 60 days to vacate the property. And to me this was like cutting off a leg or an arm, because, this place was "Home" to me and my family.
So, I located an apartment on the Pass Road, called Hidden Oaks, at 310 Abbey Court, Apt M2, and moved in on January 15, 2000. A number of folks lived there from the First Presbyterian Church in Biloxi. Also, I was glad to meet the owner of the apartment area, a Mr. Franklin Kyle. In addition to these, I keep up with my old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kornman, Mr. Ray White, Mr. Fred Stephens, and many others.
I also had the pleasure of being the host to the PROs, (Presbyterian Retired Organization), that had been previously hosted by Col. Cecil Miller, and Col. Al Vestal.

The assistant host was a Mrs. Maurice Cook, who was quite helpful in arranging the program. She now lives in a retirement home in Houston, TX, with her son and his wife nearby. This organization met on the 4th Thursday of each month, and usually at a local restaurant, some where from Mobile, Al., to Bay St Louis, MS. At these meetings, the church minister Mr. Jim Richter, and assistant pastor Rev. Curtis Moore, usually attended, and we usually had from fifteen to thirty members attending each meeting. After selling my home, I was able to assist in procuring a new Chevrolet van that was used by the church in making trips each month. I also assisted the ladies of the church by furnishing some of the funds to refurbish the foyer of the Church, and a few other things. In the Foyer you will find a Memorial "To the Memory of Marie (Hengen) Stillman along with memorials to her many friends.

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