Other Travels

During the week of May 11- 15 1995 I visited with Helen and Richard. In West Plains, MO, according to pictures taken, I watched Will wash his car and Helen mow the yard.

Also during the time of the 4th of July 1995 I had the pleasure of Helen, Ann, Margie, and my sister Lucille visit with me, while at home there on back bay, in Biloxi.

I went to Atlanta, GA, on July 14th with Margie, Paul and Perry. We visited the old railroad museums, and tractor shows, near Clarkston, and Duluth, GA. From there I went to visit with Ann and Fred, at Morganton, NC on the 20th of July, and enjoyed being with them and their two children, Holly and Nathan. In their home they had a nice bakery oven.
There were three floors with showers, bathrooms, and kitchens on each floor.

During my 25 years with the Army Corps of Engineers, the U S Air Force, and my personal travels, I have had the pleasure of seeing and being aboard, and perhaps as acting as a honorary co-pilot on or in the following space or aircraft:
Space Shuttle, Navy Blimp, Army Gliders, Piper Cub, PT 19, BT 13, UC 60, P 38, 39, C 46, 47, 60, B 36, 47, and 52.

Going to Egypt

Visiting Bill in Los Angeles