To Nebraska and Relatives

For some time we had planned to go to Crete, Nebraska, for a week or so and see the places where Marie's father had lived and meet some of the people and by all means to see the 120 acres of land that now be longed to the Hengen family heirs.
We looked for hotels in the area and made a reservation at the La Quinta Hotel, in Crete, for two weeks. We packed and were on the way. We arrived at the hotel late in the evening and found a nice cafe to have supper. We asked the hotel clerk for a map of the area and soon found the tract of land and the county seat of Wilbur.
The next morning we decided to go Wilbur, the county seat and get some data on the land and the area. The clerks were very helpful and supplied us with maps, and information about how Marie's father and family had bought the land from the railroad company. We did not ask for this in formation, but it was given to us anyway. The whole area was a land grant and the railroad originally owned it. They gave us copies of the purchase of the property and a story about it. When we returned to Biloxi I had copies made and sent them to Bill, Helen, Ann and Margie, but at present I can't find my copy.
At Crete there was a restaurant, or bar known as "Club Wilbur" which had been a first class bar and still was, and because of that Marie had the idea that ladies were not permitted to enter or socially be seen there . However, I found out that the place had two entrances, one for the bar and one for the restaurant, and that made the difference. We ate our meals up on a balcony where we could overlook the bar and see what went on. We had nice meals and they were served in style. We found the 80 acre and 40 acre tracts near the railroad tracks, near a highway and a dog food factory. We were also able to locate Doane College where Marie's father had attended. We visited aunts and uncles on her mother's side of the family.
Beth and Bernard Navaritil, lived in Crete and we had the most wonderful steak dinner with them out on the patio with their friends. We also visited the law office where the contract was made for the land of the Hengen heirs for the 120 acres and if I am not mistaken his name was Steve Reisendorf .At that time he was in Texas on active duty with the Army as a Reserve Officer. While in town we contacted the Chamber of Commerce to find a real estate office for information about the value of property and to locate a dealer to sell the land, at a future time, if possible. We enjoyed our visit in Crete, and soon left on our trip back to Biloxi.

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