The Story of My Life


Alfred William Stillman


My story is dedicated to my wife Marie,

my children; Bill, Helen, Ann, and Margaret
my family of Stillmans and Hengens
and all the dear friends
who have all made my life better
all along the way.

Table of Contents

From Garwin to Beamon, Iowa

South to Hammond, LA and to Biloxi, MS

During the Great Depression



Tivoli Hotel Clerk

US Army Corps of Engineers

LSU - The College Years

Back to the Corps of Engineers

Civil Service

To Biloxi and a New Home


Birddogs and Keesler

Girl Scouts and Brookley Field

Back to Keesler and Retirememt


Woodie and John

Sugar Cane Syrup

A Visit to Iowa

To Hannibal and Cypress Gardens

Nebraska and Relatives

Cancer Treatment

Visiting Bill in Los Angeles

Other Travels

Going to Egypt

To London and Paris

From Back Bay to Hidden Oaks

To Mexico

Australia and Pink Ice Cream

My Parents

My Move to Missouri

Alfred and Jean Tour the Ozarks

My 90th Birthday Party

Lucille's 100th Birthday Party

My Final Thoughts